Within the framework of the grant program, fixed assets will be purchased and, if needed, raw materials and consumables necessary to start the production process. The grant financing does not provide cash to the beneficiary. The amount of the grant will be provided to the beneficiary by transferring the non-cash payment to the bank account. The procurements set out by the beneficiary in the business plan will be undertaken by a prior written agreement with the Fund.

This program does not require the beneficiary to co-finance the purchase, or to provide a guarantee or an advance payment.

The grant can be used both to finance an existing business, as well as a start-up business.

Purchased assets should be transported to Abkhazia from Zugdidi Municipality, and to the Tskhinvali region / South Ossetia from Gori Municipality. The beneficiaries should ensure the transportation of the purchased assets from these directions themselves. In addition, the Fund will consider the possibility of providing assistance in individual cases.

It is possible to purchase equipment abroad with a grant, only if the equipment passes customs clearance on the territory controlled by Georgia, in accordance with the legislation.

The transportation of assets, purchased by the Fund, to Abkhazia or the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia is not financed by the program.

Yes, such equipment (including tractors, two-wheel tractors, etc.) can be purchased with the grant if envisaged so by the business plan.

The products produced in Abkhazia or the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia should be sold in the rest of Georgia and/or in Abkhazia or the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia. Additionally, they can be exported in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.

The timeframe for selling the products is determined by the business plan that is agreed upon and is approved by the grant agreement.

It is possible to conduct trainings or consultations within the framework of the program, if needed.

The project will be monitored by the Fund, its partner organizations / individuals. Monitoring procedures are determined by the grant agreement.